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The Departed - Movie Review

02 Sep 2007 by ShogZ

It was just so good, so very very good.

I'll write more when I've had time top digest the movie, but trust me:

It is so very good.

Its so dull it fell apart and noone noticed.

31 Aug 2007 by ShogZ

It appears the EU's central, most stable and dullest nation (No offence jr) Belgium is being torn asunder by political crises over Ethnic divisions.

Belgium is having to try and form a colatition government between its Danish, Flemish and French componenets and is rapidly loosing centralised representation of some of its regions. Typically such anarchic overtones have lead to a massive...well nothing happening there aside from the disgruntled northern part of the country (Danish) refusing to subsidise the poorer south (French) through taxation.

It's actually rather concerning that in a recent poll only 29% of Belgians even thought there would be a Belgium in ten years.

You can read more about the EU's great undiscovered crisis here.

Or if you simply cant be bothered because Belgium is just too dull, you can read about rabbits.

We Got Hits

27 Aug 2007 by ShogZ

I just started doing some housekeeping here and we had 118 spam postings I mean, come on guys! One hundred and eighteen pieces of spam in a week??

Who spams blogs anyhow?

The hilarious irony is that this post will attract lots of 'comments' from users such as with subject lines and 'convincing' messages such as:

 "...I couldnt understand all of the article <INSERT ARTICLE HERE>'We Got Hits' but I think I need to do more research, visit my website: anyhowz laterz!..."

Haha. Dumb internet.

Happy Birthday Bigfoot

23 Aug 2007 by Dr_Gonz

If I may interrupt our chronicle of social descent for a second to wish El Fot, 404er and general gaming guru, a happy 30th birthday. Readers may celebrate by acting Scottish for the remainder of the day - lets face it, at least they win at the football.

Another one!

22 Aug 2007 by ShogZ

And this ones a record holder.

An 11 year old boy is shot and killed outside a pub.

So far he's our youngest victim of this year, probably one of the bloodiest in living memory for kids. See there's just nothing to do during the summer holidays...

I'm sick of this shit. Somebody get our streets back.