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Hardcore like porno bitches

18 Sep 2007 by ShogZ


I refer of course to EA and the deathly remnants of Westwood that created C&C3. It's a damned good game to be sure but the difficulty curve is more of a cliff than a slope.

I've been steadily munching my way through the GDI campaign as an appetiser and I have come up against one of those 'this mission is so annoying' missions. Not as annoying as the 'baby level' on Max Payne, or even one of those 'Run one man into the middle of fifty snipers and get a box then come out alive', no this is a different form of annoying.

Essentially I have a base which is being severely jacked. I ave to defend this base until reinforcements arrive, which I duly do. Then we discover that the reinforcements are stuck and need assistance to get through, so I have to send much needed reinforcements from my belegaured HQ far into the ether to recuse the guys meant to be rescuing me.

It gets better.

Upon rescuing these guys I then have to drive them past another enemy base hidden in the south corner, just to get them near my own, original fucked up joint. So I duly do this, not only do I do it but I manage to all but destroy the hidden base in the journey. By this time however my original HQ is totally destroyed, it has been overrun by massive swarms of tanks and bombers.


Therefore I duly try and unpack my new base literally anywhere else, but the game insists I have to move it back to the original scorched ground that was base number one. So I do this, the game then lets me repack the base and promptly move back to where I wanted.
Obligingly the bad guys follow in their thousands against the small handful of hand tropps I've got left.

I use the special ability of one of my remaining vehicles and mine their entire route. Blowing the hell out of them.

I barely scratch a third of them before they're over the bridge and on the doorstep of my new base.

So I load and repeat and this time sucker them further and further into the map, using my guys as a lure and hitting them form fortified positions before moving. This time I fare better. I kill about two thirds of them.

Just when I've got this cycle down and I'm fairly sure I can trade every one of my mens lives heavily for at least one of their tanks, I look down the map.

They've circles another entire army around my flank and raped my base using this second attack force.

I've played through the level for about 9 hours straight now, beginning to end, mid point loads to later saves and it really makes no difference. I just cant win it. I wouldnt mind if the whole game thus far had been a sloping path of difficulty, this time however I'm cruising, then WHAM.

GG playtesters, this one just went from challening to annoying. At about hour 12 I will come to your houses and kill you.

One of the reasons

15 Sep 2007 by ShogZ

The internet exists is for really shite comic books to get published. If you go to this site you'll see a whole host of them.

I mean, check out the game genies 9/11 strip. These guys can't even get bad taste right.

Ninjas overthrow Congo government

11 Sep 2007 by ShogZ

Knowing as little as I do aobut world politics means this little ditty caught me by suprise.

Apparently a group called 'The ninjas' led by a minister no less, massed in an attempt to restart internal fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Happy Birthday To Us!

05 Sep 2007 by Dr_Gonz

404 is Old Today (but not as old as le foot).

Happy Birthday Us

Oops they did it again!

04 Sep 2007 by ShogZ

Looks like Sony are in trouble again.

This time their USB 'fingerprint' drives come bundled with software that creates hidden directories on the host PC invisible to Virus scanners and users, thus allowing any mal information in that directory to run without oversight.

Who does their app programming? Seriously? Everything form their crappy DRM, MediaMax suite and now this!

404 says don't be suprised if your PS3 gives you herpes at this rate.